Terms of Hire

  1. CONTRACT:  The contract is between the hirer and the owners.
  2. PAYMENT:  Once a booking is made (normally by email or phone) please complete and return the booking form, and send with the 30% deposit within 3 days of booking. The balance is due at least 8 weeks prior to the holiday date. If the holiday is booked less than 8 weeks in advance, then the full amount should be sent with the booking form.
  3. INSTRUCTIONS:  Full instructions will be forwarded to you on receipt of the final payment, including directions to the property, arrangements for obtaining keys, and local contact point in the event of problems. Contact us immediately if these instructions are not received within 5 working days of making the final payment.
  4. HIRER’S RESPONSIBILITIES:  The hirer agrees:
    to be responsible for, and take reasonable care of, Treleddyn during the let.
    not to smoke indoors, to keep Treleddyn clean and tidy and to make good any breakage or damage caused, to permit the owners or their representatives to enter Treleddyn at any reasonable time to carry out needed repair, that the number of persons staying shall not exceed the number stated on the booking form without the owners’ consent prior to arrival.
  5. PETS:  We only accept pets with prior permission and do charge a small cleaning supplement of £20 per pet.
  6. CANCELLATION:  The hirer should arrange cancellation insurance if so desired, as the owners do not have cancellation insurance. If a booking is cancelled in writing more than one month prior to the holiday then every effort will be made to re-let, and if successful then the deposit (less £20 per week for expenses) will be refunded. If unsuccessful then the deposit is forfeit. If a booking is cancelled in writing less than one month prior to the holiday, then the deposit is forfeit and the balance becomes payable. All efforts will be made to re-let, and if successful any moneys received (less 20%) will be returned.
  7. ARRIVAL/DEPARTURE TIMES:  The arrival time is  4:30PM  on your day of arrival. Departure time is  9:30AM  on your day of departure.
  8. NON-AVAILABILITY OF THE PROPERTY:  Should the property be unavailable on the holiday date (for example, due to damage by a previous occupant) then all moneys will obviously be refunded without question. However, no further liability will fall on the owners/representatives. In no event shall the liability of the owners exceed the rental paid.
  9. COMPLAINTS:  Please bring these to the attention of the owners/representatives immediately, in order that they can attempt to rectify any problems. We are always pleased to hear of possible improvements, but requests for compensation will not be considered if the complaint is not made before the end of the holiday.
  10. LIABILITY: Every effort is made to ensure all aspects of the property are as advertised. However no liability will be accepted for items outside our control.

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